Sunday Social

It is Sunday which of course means I am linking up with 
Neely from A Complete Waste of Makeup for Sunday Social!

Sunday Social

1. What is your cell phone background?

2. What do you keep beside your bed?
     My iPhone and iPad, a book, lotion, chapstick, journal, and water.

3. What is your least favorite chore?
     DISHES! It completely grosses me out washing dishes that people have ate off of!

4. What do you do to vent anger?
     Listen to music and graphic design!

5. What is your favorite holiday of the year and why?
     Christmas of course! I love the celebrating, the food, and spending time with family. Something always  
     crazy happens around the holidays which just adds to the fun.

1 comment :

  1. At my restaurant part of a server's job is to roll silverware. Well, if the dishwasher has already gone home and the cooks are busy and you want to LEAVE sometimes the server has to go back and wash the silverware themselves.

    It is SO DARN GROSS to have to wash the dishes of people you don't even know. So gross. So I totally agree with #3.


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