{Guest Post} Amy from The Little Red Owl

Today, Amy from The Little Red Owl is guest posting!
You can check her out HERE, she has great DIY tips!

 A Cheater's Roman Shade

I have seen many of these no sew roman shade tutorials online and I was so excited. I like roman shades but the idea of sewing one from scratch has never been appealing to me.
Like these from 365 Days to Simplicity:
I was very excited to try my hand at the no sew blind roman shade…
It was a failure. These tutorials are great and for the people who made them-they look awesome. Not for me.
I know, I know-what kind of DIYer cannot make a blind roman shade? Apparently me.
My excuses:
  1. I think the fact that my fabric is gray and white chevron does not help (since the straight single blinds show through)
  2. I am impatient
  3. The metal blinds I used are no good-they came with the rental home and were a mess
That’s all I got.
So…what to do now? I still wanted a roman shade for that window and I already had fabric.
I came up with a super simple plan. I left the top of the fabric attached to the blind top but removed all other parts of the blinds.

I then used some gray ribbon I had in my sewing/craft room and tied it around the fabric to create the look of a roman shade.

I do still have to hem the fabric but that’s all. Done. And since this shade is mostly for looks-it stays in this position mostly (You can release the ribbon knots and let the fabric hang if needed).

What do you think? Pretty lazy huh?

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