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Dalayna @ Pointing Up

Hello there!  Things to know about me:
I love Jesus...a lot!  I love Coffee...a lot! (but not as much as Jesus of course)
I love to design, create, dramatize, bring to life, entertain, and storyteller.
I like Criminal Minds, outdoors, traveling, fitness, laughing, adventure,
movies, and making memories.
I am a youth pastor and I love loving people!

Amanda @ tales from a FAR

I'm a full time mommy and soon to be a student and I blog about all of our adventures!

Kristen @ The Wright Stuff 

Hi! I'm Kristen and I guess you could say I'm a lifestyle blogger. Blogging is such a fun world to be a part of and I'm thankful for it every day. I love nail polish, lip gloss, diet coke, bauble, military man, my furbabies, family, friends, and shopping...So these things are what I blog about. I've been married almost three years to my best friend and love of my life. He inspires me and challenges me to be the best every day. My family and friends are my whole world. I love to get to know my followers so feel free to email me at any time and comment galore! xox

By the way, this girl is going to have one amazing blog design very soon...but I may be bias! ;)

Keely @ Hairbows & Butter

My blog is my little corner of the Internet where I get to muse about my adventures in baking, thrifting and budgeting. I love to be able to share recipes with all of you, and I have a huge passion for mainly two kinds of baking, cupcakes and brunch, so you'll see a lot of that!
Swing by sometime, can't wait to meet you!

Shaylee Ann @ Mother {at} Heart

 blog about my life - rants, inspirations, boys, and my beliefs. I'm nineteen-going-on-twenty-five, and I have a passion for family, and I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I currently work as a mother's helper (just a fancy synonym for "babysitter") to six children. I love HTML, CSS, and graphic design. I have a little business for blog designing - http://dream65designs.com. I love serving others. I'm quite enthralled by my one-and-a-half year old sister - I seriously wish she was my baby girl. I have a tendency to laugh and things that are generally not humorous. I'm gullible, innocent, experienced, and nave. People also tell me that I act very grown up. Figure that one out. . . . So I'm a blog designer, a nanny, a young single adult, a "Mormon", a daughter, sister, and friend. I'm also a night owl. Yeah, that's me.

Rachel @ LaLa Lists

I am Rachel, 20-something fur-momma to a cat and a bunny living outside of Boston going to school for graphic design. I paint my nails too often, watch too many movies, eat too many cupcakes, and shop too much. I am compulsive list maker who talks too much, and that is how lala Lists was born.

Niki @ Hello Paper Moon

Hello Paper Moon is where I try to live a more creative life. It's where I try to make things rather then buy them. I also take a lot of pictures of the food I make, my children and the places we visit.

Niki is going on a road trip this month and I am asking that you please leave comments letting her know what to check out in the area that you live!

Lesley @ Pretty Little Pink Things

Hello! I’m an event planner and fundraiser in the heart of Canada. Although my day job tends to eat up a lot of my evenings and weekends, Pretty Little Pink Things is my space to cultivate my other interests: food, books, film, travel, crafting and exploring the city of Winnipeg. There is still so much of this great city that I don’t know a lot about despite living most of my life here!

Ashley @ After Nine to Five

a twenty-something entrepreneur with an endless amount of dreams. i left the corporate world to make sure i lived a life worth living and leapt into the world of blogging.  this is my story.

Ashley @ Bricks & Baubles

My name is Ashley Bradford Ramsey and I am an Auburn University Alumni. War Eagle! I graduated in 2007 with a degree in art. After graduation I became an art teacher and began home styling to help my friends. My passion for home styling was uncovered and my obsession with home magazines and HGTV only escalated. When my husband and I moved to Alabama last year for his job, I gave up teaching and began pursuing my love of home styling full time along with styling my own first home. I am inspired by modern, vintage, and southern design. I believe a home should have a classic style with contemporary accents that can be changed easily to keep your home looking up to date. I want to help anyone who desires to have a home that looks like those you love in magazines or on TV, but have limited finances. I will work with you and your budget to help you to have a great looking home you can be proud of that reflects your personal style.

Ashley @ Embracing the Everyday

Hey there! I'm Ashley. Here at Embracing the Everyday, you'll find recipe, craft, & style posts, plus plenty of random musings/stories on life. Me? I'm just your average student, blogger, friend, vegetarian, Jill of many trades, and girl striving to live each and every day to the fullest.

Kayla @ Close Encounters

I was born and raised, and still live in, Kansas. I graduated in December 2010 with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Wichita State University. I work in the small Marketing department of a local bank as the Marketing Coordinator and in-house Graphic Designer. I got married to my best friend on February 26, 2011. We moved into our first house in August 2011. And, we got our first wiener dog, Pixie, in September 2011.


  1. heck yes i am!! can't wait :) ps baked some goodies today! be expecting a package soon!

  2. Yay! I am so extremely excited!

  3. Here for the Blog Hop on Covered In Grace and your newest follower. Funny thing...looked at your sponsors and found my sister among them. That was kinda cool.


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