Huesday Tuesday

I love Jason Mraz so I saved his version of 'Storytellers' on VH1, and I am so excited I did.  I have always loved his song 'I Won't Give Up' and it has always held special meaning to me through some very tough times.  However, tonight I was re-inspired by his story. 
So much so that I would like to share it with you...
"I'm sure I'm not the only one in this room that feels that way, you sometimes contempt ending your life," Mraz tells the audience. "It's a ridiculous thought, but we're human, and it's one of the powers we have."  As Mraz explains, he'd also thought about walking away from music. Despite all of his chart success, he was unfulfilled, and this made him feel "ungrateful." Luckily, this particular song "was coming out" whether the singer liked it or not, and it helped him through the ordeal.
"If I was about to give up on my career or even my life, before I do that, why don't I go out there and do some really radical stuff?" Mraz remembers asking himself. "That was what occurred to me during the writing of the song."  "Now I get to sing the song every day, and it's my mantra," he says. "And I get to be here, and I get to still be here and celebrate how awesome my life is. And I get to share that with others."  -Jason Mraz {link}

Some days are rough and we feel like life has beaten us up, but as Jason says, "I don't want to be someone who walks away so easily, I'm here to stay and make the difference that I can."
As I sit here, mad at myself for the tears falling down my face, I want to commit to spending my time enjoying and taking advantage of every single moment.
I want to reflect, meditate, and pray about what is best for my life right now and for the future.
I want to learn to love more...love myself and stop being so critical of me and I want to learn to love others more and be ready to hand out forgiveness and patience.

Hmmmmm, now that I have gotten super serious on you, my lovely blogger friends,
I wanted to share some freebies for Huesday Tuesday!
However...you have to go over to The Pretty Pinhead to check them out!


  1. Totally feel you, Britt...and you know what?...YOU CAN do all those things. God has already equipped us all with what we need to do the things we desire to do...we just have to make the choice to actually do them..you can do it, girl.

    Be Blessed <3

  2. I know there is no way I could do any of those things without Him!!!!
    Thanks for the encouragement!


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