SO EXCITING...guest post from hollie takes notes

Hi everyone, I'm Hollie from Hollie Takes Notes and I'm honored to be here guest posting at Yellow Umbrella! A big thanks to Britt for having me :)

In San Diego right now we have this glorious thing called June Gloom.
Well June Gloom has extended into July and I wish i was kidding.

The beaches are cloudy, windy, grey, and slightly too cool to enjoy it. While this happens every year, every year I get just as bummed. I've gone to the beach the past FIVE weekends and the weather was really blah. It's so depressing! It's summer! No one wants to wait forever to get their beach on.

My best friend went to Costa Rica a few months ago and ever since I am longing for a tropical vacation to get away from all of the grey beach days. Since a long vacation isn't going to happen
(this summer) I'm trying to mentally enjoy my last vacation instead...
or what I like to call "mind traveling" ;)
I went to Hawaii for the first time last summer and couldn't believe how beautiful it is! It is honestly breath taking. I decided to share some of my pictures from my trip so if you need to it will help you mind travel too ;)


Have you ever been to Hawaii?


  1. hey! i've been here before! kona brewing co is SO yummy - i love their beer. beautiful photos - i'm going to go visit her blog

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

    1. Her blog is great! Plus Hollie has a great link up called Follow Friday!


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