Wonderful, Beautiful, Lovely Friday

Hello ya'll!  I am so excited it is Friday - I have been looking forward to Friday since Monday.  I am not always like that, I usually enjoy every day (ok, most days), however this week was super busy and I am ready for a break.  I am linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk for High Five for Friday.

Here are my top five from this week:

My parents just returned from the Sandles Couples Resort in Jamaica.
I am so happy they had a chance to get away and they returned safely.
They both work so hard and deserve the best vacation.

We have had such lovely weather this week...it has been in the mid 80's with cool nights.
I cannot wait for the weekend off and to sit around the pool relaxing.

We just recently got a brand new Ulta in the city I live in and I love it! 
The best part is it is right next door to Target, does life get better? :)

Photo: Preston is finally here :)
A very close friend of mine had an amazingly cute baby boy this week.
I am so happy for her, she is going to be such a great mommy.
(Look at that little nose!)


I am so excited that I have been consistently blogging for two weeks now!

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