Great Buys for Back to School

I am so excited, this coming month I am returning to college. Immediately following high school I went to college for Elementary Education. I had completed enough college courses in high school that I entered college as a Sophomore, however after two years of college I realized a career in Elementary Education was not for me. Now, almost ten years later I have decided to complete my own year left towards a bachelors and get a degree in Business Administration/Entrepreneurship. This should be interesting considering I am a VP at a start-up web development company, I just opened up my online stationary store, I started a new charity to raise money for Huntington's Disease, and I began blogging full-time again. Either way, I am excited and just like we all do I will take it day by day. Besides, it is just for one year, right?

The best part about a new school year (even if you aren't enrolled in school) is the new buys for back to school. I have picked out my favorites for this school season. What do you think?

Studio C Tutti Laptop Backpack $59.99 w/FREE SHIPPING

Erin Condron Life Planner $50.00

Poppin Jumbo Mobile Memo $5.99

Mobile Cell Phone Stand $10.00

Kid Made Modern 36ct Colored Pencils $7.99

Martha Stewart Wall Manager

Behold Pencil Case $13.00

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