32 Favorite Uses for Lemon Essential Oil

32 Favorite Uses for Lemon Essential Oils

1] Takes the odor out of laundry if you leave the load in the washer too long.

2] Removes sap from anything! I used a drop of it on a cloth to remove sap from my car, and I did not even have to scrub.

3] Lemon Oil mixed with soap will clean up greasy hands.

4] Placed in a spray bottle of water, lemon is a great household cleaner.

5] A lemon soaked cloth rubbed on leather will preserve it and prevent it from cracking.

6]  Great at removing sticky from just about anything!

7] Adding a few drops of oil to your furniture polish will give your wood furniture a great luster.

8] Perfect at cleaning stainless steal!

9] Removed scuff marks.

10] Clean your cutting board and protect it from nasty bacteria.

11] Protects your garden plants from those pesky little bugs.

12] Spot-free dishes! Do I need to say more?

13] Refresh bad smelling washcloths. Add a drop to your kitchen washcloths to rid them of those icky kitchen smells.

14] Combine with peppermint oil and water and drink up for an energy boost! Just be sure to use a glass bottle because lemon will eat through anything else.

15] Add lemon to anything you cook to zest it up!

16] Place in a humidifier to ease your respiratory system and get rid of that gook.

17] Placing lemon oil in warm water and honey will get rid of a scratchy throat.

18] Get great highlights in your hair. Just simply add the lemon oil to your hair and spend some time outside in the sun.

19] Lemon oil is great for nails and will fight against nail fungus.

20] When combined with lavender and diffused in a room it can be extremely calming.

21] Diffuse lemon oil to give you a clear mind.

22] For a great skin exfoliate add lemon oil to oatmeal and scrub away. This will give your a bright completion.

23] Rub lemon oil to the bottom of feet to get rid of callouses, corns, and bunions. 

24] Diffuse after painting a room for air quality control, or even add to your paint.

25] Mix 2 drops of lemon oil with 2 drops of peppermint and 2 drops of lavender for allergies. Just swish around your mouth for a bit, then spit out.

26] Add to bites and stings to prevent infection.

27] Rub onto your chest to help with colds.

28] Combine a few drops with coconut oil to rub on the tummy for constipation.

29] Gargle with warm water and lemon oil to get rid of a scratchy throat.

30] Massage over aches to remove exhaustion and fever.

31] Add to water or rub on reflex points of hands and feet to cure your hangover.

32] Gently massage lemon oil with peppermint, lemongrass, and cypress for varicose veins. Just be sure to rub towards the heart.

There are so many more uses for essential lemon oil, it honestly is pretty amazing and I promise it really does work. I am impressed. I buy my essential oils from doTERRA. I suggest doing a little research in order to choose the right essential oils. Make sure that you are buying therapeutic grade essential oils since they are pure.

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