Have I ever mentioned I love shopping?

Yesterday, I had the amazing opportunity to go to the grand opening 
of a new Versona Accessories store in Southern Indiana.
Now, just to give you a little background...
I come from an extremely small town and we had to drive {to the "big" city}
40 miles just to go to an average sized mall.
I now live in that "big" city and it is exploding with all of my favorite shops!
Therefore, I am sure you can understand my excitement
when I saw a new accessories shop being built.
Not only do we now have this great new accessories shop but
they were too smart and placed it adjacent to Target and ULTA!
Does it get any better, really?
Ok, I am rambling today...anyways I went to the grand opening...
and I learned yesterday that, I LOVE VERSONA ACCESSORIES!   
This store is definitely on my top favs now! Not only are they extremely
organized {all accessories are displayed by color} and clean, but their
prices are extremely reasonable. I think I am going to be buying quite a 
few Christmas gifts from this spectacular new store!

I snapped a few pictures while I was there:

And this is what I bought:


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