Happy National Adoption Day!

I love that National Adoption Day is November 17th!
For me it works out perfectly because it is in the middle of my actual
birthday and my gotcha day {the day my parents received me}

I promised to answer questions regarding adoption today
and that is exactly what I am planning on doing!

What made your parents decide to adopt?
My adoptive Dad's family has a long history of a nasty disease called Huntington's Corea.
This horrible disease slowly kills nerves in your brain until there isn't anything left. It is awful to
watch your family suffer through it, and the suicide rate is extremely high with Huntington's. In fact, 
that is exactly how I lost my daddy. Therefore, the did not want to continue passing the genes on
so they knew the best decision for them was to adopt.

When did you find out that you were adopted?
As far as I can remember I always knew I was adopted. I was taught that I was a chosen baby and
deeply wanted.  My family still to this day loves to tell me how special the entire process was and how
excited there were to have a new baby.

Why did it take an entire month between your birth and your gotcha day?
I am not entirely sure. I know I was in a foster home for that month, but I am not even sure
who my foster parents were. I believe a lot of it had to do with legal issues.

Have you ever tried to search for your birth parents?
Yes and no. I think this is one of the harder parts of adoption, for the child and his or her adoptive
parents. My adoptive mom has always been supportive of me finding my birth mother but I know
it is hard on her and somewhat hurtful in a way that I cannot understand. I had a closed adoption 
so the only way for me to find my birth mother short of hiring someone to find her is for us both
to turn in paper work to the state of Indiana. I have done this, and as far as I can tell she has not.
I do not think my birth mother knew who my father was, and I do know that I have an older brother
out there that I would love to meet. {This always made me very weary of dating when I was younger...
I was only born one county away from where I grew up and didn't want to accidentally date my brother}
I would love to know my family history more then anything honestly.

Was there ever anything difficult for you about being adopted?
Sometimes growing up my friends did not completely understand what exactly adoption was, and it
was not near as common as it is now so I was made fun of every once in awhile. Also, I think this is
true for most adoptive kids, we all go through a period of time where we struggle with identity. My cousin was also adopted for the same reason I was and she could never get past the fact that 'she wasn't wanted' and did not know where her identity truly lied. She still struggles deeply with this even now and is very 
angry about her adoption even though she has wonderful parents.

Have you ever considered adoption?
Of course! I am determined to adopt someday! In fact, there could be a chance that that is my only
adoption. I have gone through several miscarriages and am not entirely sure I can carry a baby full term. 
Plus, there are so many children that need a loving mommy!

If you have any other questions, just ask. I do not offend easily and I am very open about adoption!

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  1. What great questions. I know that I've asked myself a lot of them before and I'm adopted :)

    Thank you so much for co-hosting and linking up. It seems like people are definitely interested in this topic.

    I'm sorry to hear about your miscarriages. I hope that one day you will find yourself with the family that you desire no matter what stork brings them to you.

    Besos, Sarah
    Zookeeper at Journeys of The Zoo

    1. Thank you so much for allowing me to co-host! I have loved this topic, and I am not really sure why I never thought before to write about it!
      I am sure one day I will have the exact family God wants me to!

      Thanks Sarah!

  2. Thanks for sharing! Thanks for cohosting too! I love this hop and this topic. I hope you will be able to have a family soon however they come to you. Children are always a blessing!

    1. They definitely are and I am staying hopeful! I am sure I will have a family one day!

  3. Truly an inspiring post - you are an incredible person. Thank you so much for sharing and being open about this process.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading! And I promise I am not that incredible, but thank you! :)

  4. Thank you for sharing! I also spent some time in foster care waiting for everything to be "legal" so I was several months old before I actually went home with my parents.

    I also have a half brother and sister somewhere out there that I would love to meet. Luckily I've known for some time that they are both quite a bit younger than me or I would have worried about the whole dating scenario too! I live in the same city as my biological mother (although I have not met her).

    1. Wow, our stories are very similar!
      I also live in the same city as my birth mother, and I am always looking at people funny to see if I look like them. {I am sure you understand}
      As for the dating thing, it does make you very paranoid! haha


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