Current Crush - October Host

I am so excited that the lovely Danielle has allowed
me to co-host Current Crush Thursdays this month!
This is going to be such a great month to co-host 
since I absolutely love everything fall!

I know I could choose something fall this week, 
but I have really been loving everything Paris lately
(oh, and by lately I meaning the past 15 years).
However, here are a few of my cute finds that I have come across lately!

If we hit 75 link-ups I will give away a set of 
12 Eiffel Tower Note Cards to a random winner!

Paris Is Always A Good Idea - Mini Decorative Pillow - Paris Cityscape - Eiffel Tower - Audrey Hepburn Quote
Paris, Eiffel Tower - Textiles Canvas Print
Paris red Eiffel tower romantic print on a vintage french dictionary page, dictionary print for your wall (8)
Paris wallet / cardholder
Paris decorative accent pillow
1705 Antique Reproduction Map of Paris by Nicolas de Fer

Thanks to Michaela at {au naturel designs} she reminded me that
I have my own Paris line in my Etsy shop. How did I not think of this?


  1. A girl after my own heart! I LOVE Paris! My favorite city on the planet...linking up with my IT list for whimsical stationary supplies :)

    1. Mine too, even though I have not been, but someday! I definitely am going to check out your whimsical stationary...another one of my loves!

  2. So glad you're hosting this month! Love Paris stuff...never have really bought anything though!

    1. Awwww, thanks. By the look of my apartment you would think I lived in Paris!

  3. Don't tempt me with Paris!!! hahaha. Happy to see you hosting this month! p.s Squeeze in your Paris stationary...it's perfect for this.

    1. Can't help it, I love Paris!
      You are so smart Michaela, I totally forgot about my own Paris stationary!

  4. Love all this gorgeous Paris inspired decor! That second painting is just gorgeous!

    1. I think that one is my favorite too, I came across it on Etsy a week ago and have thought about buying it since then.

  5. The Paris items are so cute! The prints are perfect, I love Paris decor.



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