Sunday Social

Sunday Social
This Week Questions:
What is something you have wanted 
to do but you are afraid of? 
Ok, so I have two things...one serious and one not so much.
One, I really want to get a tattoo but I am scared to death of needles.
I know - I am a big baby.
Secondly, I really want to open up my own coffee shop but
I am incredibly scared of failing!
Where do you see yourself
in five years?
Honestly, I do not know. I am very much so in a transition period
in my life and not sure what is next for me. I do know I want to continue
designing and learning more about who I am!
What are you looking forward
to before the end of 2012?
Audubon Craft Show, Fall and Pretty Fall Colors, My Birthday,
Thanksgiving, Christmas
What are your hopes for your blog?
I would love to continue meeting amazing people
and sharing my life with all my new blogger friends.
I want blogging to never become a chore but I want to have fun!
Do you always see yourself living in
your current town/city?
Who knows with me! I have moved all over the place for the
past ten years, so I am extremely content living back
in my hometown. Besides, it is nice being close to family!
What is your morning routine?
Jump in the Shower
Put in Contacts and Brush Teeth
Dry Hair
Put on Make Up
Fix Hair
Take Puppies Out


  1. Open your coffee shop. If you don't you will always wonder if you would have been successful.

  2. Opening your own coffee shop is a great goal, I hope it happens for you!

  3. I love making new blog friends too! I would love to open up my own bake shoppe so I know what you mean about wanting to open up your own coffe shop! Visiting from the link up.

    1. We need to open up our shops next to each other, you bake and I will serve coffee! :)

  4. I hate needles too, but have a tattoo. It was a completely different sensation than being stuck with a needle for a shot. I plan of getting another one soon!

    1. That's good to know...I really want to get one!

  5. Hi from the linkup!

    You would NOT fail at opening a coffee shop! I am in love with coffee shops. Especially the small ones with that warm homey feeling to them! I really think you should open one. As you start doing it, promote it like crazy. Get the word about it out there. I guarantee you it will be a success!

    Happy Sunday (:



    1. I need you to be my business manager! hehe :)


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