Indiana Girl - Born & Raised

 I have lived in many places over the past ten years,
and have visited even more. The US is full of beautiful sites and
wonderful people. Each and every place I have lived there have
been specific spots and locations that I have completely fell in love with.

I love the forests, mountains, beaches, and cities, however
my favorite view/place ever is miles of a sweet corn field.

Yes, I am an Indiana girl born and raised.
I spent ten years trying to get as far away from my hometown as
possible, only to realize that it is the only place I feel truly me.

A close friend of mine says that my hometown is 'Stars Hollow'
{the town from Gilmore Girls}
Complete with the crazy characters and festivals.


  1. I know they say Home is where the Heart is...but for you it seems your heart has been in Indiana all along. Glad to hear you're where you belong :)

  2. It definitely is where I belong. I guess it just took 10 years of moving to realize where I am meant to be!

  3. What a cute little town! I loved the show Gilmore Girls, so I am totally picturing your town right now. I am from Ohio, so I love the small town feel. Hope you are having a great Monday!


    1. I thought I could be a city girl, but nothing beats the small town feel!

  4. This is such a cute post! LOVE the pictureS:) New follower!

  5. Love your photos! I found your blog through Myranda at Pretty Living. You have a wonderful blog! I am your newest follower!

    Tambi @ http://tambijeanne.blogspot.com/

    1. Thanks so much, and thank you for following.


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