I can't wait!

I am a movie lover, however even more so I am a book lover!
So what happens when a book I have loved for, 
oh so long, is turned into a movie...true love! :)


What movie am I talking {writing}  about?


Les Miserables is being released in theaters on Christmas day,
and instead of recording all the singing in a studio month before
filming, they have actually chosen to sing while filming.
This is completely unheard of anymore!
Plus, who knew Anne Hathaway had such a lovely voice?

Not only does Les Miserable look like it is going to be a must see, 
but it also has a perfect cast.

Anne Hathaway {Lovely, lovely actress}
Amanda Seyfried {I adore how normal she seems}
Hugh Jackman {enough said right...he's hot!}
Russell Crowe {know for only choosing blockbuster scripts}

There are so many more amazing actors but those are a few of my favs.

{Les Mis also has one of my favorite songs of all time - On My Own}

Oh, and you thought I was actually done raving today...NO WAY!
There is yet another amazing film coming our way.

Oz: The Great and Powerful
Oz: The Great and Powerful Poster

This film will go back and tell the story of how the wizard came to Oz
and became the ruler. Amazing, right?
I love how creative writers/directors/filmmakers are!

This film also has a cast to love!

Mila Kunis {Such a fun actress}
James Franco {Smart & Super Cute}
Rachel Weisz {brilliant actress}
Michelle Williams {I have loved her since the Creek days}
Zach Braff {my nerdy crush}

Once again, there are so many more great actors in this film as well!
The sad part about this one is we have to wait until 2013.
Oh yeah, did I mention it is a Disney film and produced
by the same producers of Alice in Wonderland?


  1. How cool! Thanks for the les mes heads up!

  2. I can't wait for Les Misérables. This is a classic but we never get tired of it!

  3. I am also so excited for both of these upcoming movies, but definitely looking forward to Les Mis the most! What an amazing thing this should be! I'm so stoked.

  4. I'm so excited for both of these! Winter is going to be amazing for books.

  5. Hi there I'm Noël, I'm new here. Found you through the Monday meet up. I love your Bright yellow Umbrella ;) So both of those movies sound really good. I could honestly tell you whether I like books or movies more, but I do usually like to read the book before seeing it as a movie though. Happy to meet you ;) I'll be back.

    1. Aww, thanks.
      I am not sure which one I like more either - books or movies.

  6. Can't forget The Great Gatsby is coming out on Christmas too!!!

    1. Great Gatsby got bumped to May 10, 2013. :(
      I was so sad when I found this out.

  7. Oh wow! Better start planning sitters for "date night" now!

  8. Wow I was syked about Les Mis, but I had no idea about Oz!


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