Thank goodness it's Friday!  I spent the entirety of yesterday thinking it was Friday, so guess how disappointed I was last night when I realized I could not sleep in the next day.  Oh well, today is Friday and that is good enough!

Today I am linking up with lovely Lauren at From My Grey Desk for High Five for Friday!
Here are my top five from this week:

I was able to spend time with my family Tuesday night for my Uncle's birthday.  I love being around my family and am so thankful for how close we are.  I appreciate my Uncle so much, and am so thankful for everything he has ever done for me.  After my dad died when I was ten, he did such a great job stepping in and providing me with a great example of a father.  It was also my cousin's lil' boys birthday and he was super adorable.  His birthday had been the day prior to the get-together and he had just turned five....however, when you ask him how old he was he would say four because he had not had cake yet.  Eli, said that once he had cake he would then be five years old, which makes him almost six.  How cute!

The Cards won their three game series against the White Sox.
I love this picture from the Cards facebook page!

Blueberries!  My step-dad went and picked twenty pounds of blueberries, after already picking just under that a few days earlier...can you tell we love blueberries and eat them like crazy!?
This is my 25th blog post!  I am on my way to being a full-time blogger!

My babies are so special to me and they have been extra sweet and cuddly this week.


  1. Aw your puppies are just too cute!

    1. Thanks! I think they are too, but I am a little bias. :)


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