My Dogs Ate My Blog Post

While our human was outside sipping her freshly brewed pumpkin latte in the fall sunshine, we thought we would take over her blog. We are always trying to lay on the keyboard while she types or paw at her hands, so you might as well know who we are! First off, we are her entire world, or so we think. She takes us everywhere and enjoys when we take her for walks. Sometimes she even gets us ice cream, but shhhhhhh don't tell that scary guy that always gives us shots at that place they call the vet. Secondly, she really does not know what she would do without us - we make her smile! Oh, we have not even introduced ourselves, we apologize...here we go...

Hello, I am Bandit! I turned eight years old this past March and I am my human's protector. I am loyal and sweet and maybe a tad uptight. Humans think that just because I am a Jack Russell Terrier I am noisy and obnoxious, but I really am not that way. I was the runt of my litter and I tend to be pretty small at only ten pounds. I can remember the day my human walked into the pet store where I was for sale. I tried to look as adorable and cute as possible, and it must have worked because she took me home that very day. I have always thought I am bigger than I really am and I enjoy playing fetch and chase more than anything!

Hey, I am Lola Belle! Sometimes the humans in my life refer to me as dodo bird because I tend to be a little crazy and goofy. I found my human when I was at my foster home in Houston. She was a neighbor and when my human saw me she knew she had to add me to her family. I was suppose to be a small dog, about the size of Bandit but my legs kept growing and I got bigger and bigger. I am now forty pounds, how did that happen? I am so incredible sweet and I love giving hugs to my human. I love cuddling with my human, but only on my terms. Sometimes I just want to be left alone, ya know? Oh yeah, and I love love love bones! I might just have a few hidden around the house.

Ohhhh, we here the food pouring in the other room, meal time! Enjoy your day!


  1. I love posts like this. It fits Lola and bandit so well. Prudence says hi!

  2. Lovely pics. Adorable puppy.


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