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So, it's pretty cool because I am not the only umbrella girl out in the blogging universe. 
I am excited to introduce you to Lesli from Put a Little Umbrella in Your Drink!
I truly enjoy reading her posts and she also offers many great giveaways!
Why did you begin blogging?
I was laid off from my job as a teacher. I needed a creative outlet and something to do!

How did you come up with your blog title?
 always try to be optimistic and "put a little umbrella in my drink".
It just makes things more fun don't you think?!

What are your favorite things to blog about?
 Fashion, beauty, home decor, television and photography.
I love telling my readers about fabulous new products!

What is the best advice you can offer a new blogger?
Network with other bloggers! Don't do it alone.

Where are some of your favorite place to shop?
Target because they have everything. Etsy because I love shopping handmade.
IKEA because it is like going on a mini adventure and I always find something I need.
Amazon because they have free shipping.

What is your biggest fear?
I hate when I am not living in the moment. "If you're always racing to the next moment,
what happens to the one you're in?" Enjoy the ride.

Who is your biggest inspiration?
My mom. She is awesome.

What are a few of your favorite blogs?
Photography - http://www.iheartfaces.com/
Crafty - http://www.kevinandamanda.com/
Home Decor - http://www.apartmenttherapy

What inspires you in life?
Kindness and creativity.

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  1. It's so true we just need to live in the moment. We're either disappointed by what has already happened or didn't, and stressing over what's to come and I'm trying to spend some time this summer, put my feet up and just enjoy what is. All the best.


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