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Hello lovely blogger friends. Today is Thursday, which I love, because I get to link up with Danielle from Framed Frosting for Current Crush Thursday.

Current Crush Thursdays

I know I typically choose a crush about fashion or design but this week I am completely crushing on an app...yes, I said an app.  I promise you will love it as well, especially those of you who blog.

Diptic is an app that is for the iPhone and iPad that allows you to create photo collages.
You just choose one of 52 layouts for your pictures, and then select your photos.
You can also modify/customize your photos once you create your collage!
Plus...there are also filters!!!
Seriously, I am loving this app and cannot put it down!


  1. this looks sweet! i use picframe but feel like its limited...must try this one!

  2. Get out of TOWN!! Diptic has filter options???! Holy canoli! I had no idea.. I'm super excited now! Thanks for the headsup!!

    Janette the Jongleur

    1. Haha. That was pretty much my reaction too!

  3. literally obsessed with this app. probably unhealthy :)


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