Media Monday

Hello ya'll!  I hope you are having a wonderful start to your week.
I have, however, managed spend my weekend with a flu bug.
But I am excited to be co-hosting with Rachel at Lists from the Heart.

Lately, at work, I have been listening to a lot of She & Him.
She & Him is an American Indie duo with Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward.
(By the way Zooey's tv show, New Girl, is definitely worth seeing!)
Their music has a very quirky style but it is beautiful!

While laying in bed all weekend I spent some time watching A Little Bit of Heaven.
Now, I love Kate Hudson and I had high expectations for this movie, and it met every one of them!
It is so touching and humorous all at the same time.  I won't share too many details, but it is basically about a carefree independent women who learns she has terminal cancer.  I will give you one spoiler...you will cry (I say that knowing I am not a person who typically cries during a movie).

Falling Skies was back on last night.  I absolutely love this show.  Yes, it is extremely sci-fi and soon you will learn that I am such a nerd for sci-fi.  Even if you are not a science fiction person this television show has such a great story line and brilliant character development.

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