I Must Confess...

So, lately work has been super slow which has allowed me time to catch up on blogging but has also allowed room for a new addiction.  I absolutely am in love with design boards (ok, ok, in love might be a little strong of a statement but I do really enjoy creating them).  I will sit at work for hours creating board after board until it is time to go home...I really do not have anything to do at work right now!
This is my computer turned completely sideways on the desk so I can blog sitting down.
Normally, I am so busy I stand at my computer rather then sitting so my computer is bar height.

Ok, so it is really hard to take a picture of yourself sitting on a desk, but this is me
sitting on the lower part of my desk so that I can reach the keyboard.  Pathetic, I know.
I just love catching up with all the amazing bloggers out there though!

Here are some of the design boards I have been creating lately:

You are My Sunshine

Summer Days

Lemon Crush



Yellow Living Room


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  1. Hi! I'm following you from the GFC Blog Hop! Look forward to reading more! I would appreciate the follow back! :)
    Have a great rest of the weekend!



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