High Five for Friday

I'm linking up with Lauren for High Five for Friday.

Here are my five favorites from this week:

I love rain!  I love rain!  I love rain! 
Did I mention, I love rain?
I love rainy days, actually more then I love my heat and sunshine.  There is something relaxing and almost magical about rainy days.  I know some frown at the thought of facing a rainy day but they are always my favorite.  It has been rainy off and on for the past two days, and it even has included amazing thunder and brilliant lightning. :)

This is the cute face I got to wake up to this morning!  If only I could have stayed in bed with this little man and cuddled all day!  Isn't he the cutest pup ever (I'm a proud mommy)!

I have continued consistently exercising for the second week in a row!

This is probably not the best 'favorite' to mention right after sharing my exercising accomplishment, but oh well, I am a girl and love my chocolate and mint!
My new favorite sweet snack I discovered this week is Nestle Crunch Thin Mints.  Yes, I said Thin Mints!  It tastes just like the Girl Scout cookies and comes in the perfect little size so that you aren't adding many calories to your day (this picture is of a full size candy bar but you can get bite size too)!

It is June and that means a brand new HGTV magazine!  This is my new favorite magazine!  It has such great inspirations and ideas.  I cannot ever get enough HGTV.

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