A Day in Publishing...

I can officially say that  I have a job that I truly enjoy.  OK, if truth be told, I have several jobs that I love.  (What can I say, I get bored if life gets to monotonous).  During the day I get to work in a publishing house called "The Pub."  I have been able to do a variety of different jobs throughout my time there, from regular ole' printing, to making signs and booklets.  My favorite thing to do however is to make pads of paper.  I know it seems odd, but it is a fun process.  Monday, we began 'cleaning house' and getting making pads of paper from the paper we have had leftover from a variety of orders.  We then give away the pads for anyone who needs scrap paper...such a great way to recycle!
Start with scrap paper of any size.
Place on the Padder which clamps the paper together tightly.

Paint on padding cement as thick as possible.
Then wait and wait for it to dry.

The result is cute recycled pads of paper.

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